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Thu Feb 20 23:34:00 EST 1992

>> erik at writes:
>> > Why not name this plants, and include things like plant molecular biology,
>> > horticulture, etc.?

I note that 3 of the BIONET groups already have a strong bias in the
direction of plant science:-
There are also perhaps other newgroups/distribution lists around which
are relevent.  The Photosynthesis Researchers' List (PHOTOSYN at VM.TAU.AC.IL
- listowner yours truly) springs to mind;  I have been toying for some
time with bringing this under the BIONET umbrella but presently very
few subscribers have (or know about) USENET newsfeeds/newreaders.

In article <CMM. at>, kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
> We had a PLANT-MOLECULAR-BIOLOGY newsgroup back in the dark ages which
> was shut down for lack of use (curious, isn't it?  You'd think it
> would be a hot topic but it was probably a bit ahead of its time)?
> Let's collect comments through Friday and then we'll finalize the
> proposal early next week.
> 				Sincerely,
> 				Dave Kristofferson
> 				GenBank Manager
> 				kristoff at

I would favour kicking around ideas for a little longer to see if we
can come up with a sensible hierarchy which serves various interests
of plant scientists, and includes existing newgroups/lists as well
as some new ones e.g.
BIONET.PLANTS.ARABIDOPSIS (to replace or duplicate
The above is an example, not a proposal (the people working on bacterial
photosynthesis might object to the last newgroup).

Another simple idea might be to form a high-volume BIONET.PLANTS list which
includes items forwarded from a wide variety of other lists (consider this
a specific proposal).
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