RFD: comp.infosystems.wais

Edward Vielmetti emv at msen.com
Fri Feb 21 18:57:58 EST 1992

This is a request for discussion of a new newsgroup, 
comp.infosystems.wais, to discuss the Wide Area Information
System ("WAIS"), a project from Thinking Machines.

There's current discussion going on in alt.wais, which
has been reasonably good quality and fairly widespread
interest.  Moving this discussion to a mainstream
comp.* newsgroup should make it easier for people to
figure out what it is about and to get access to the discussion.

WAIS is a client-server searching system based on the Z39.50
protocol.  There are about 150 WAIS servers on the Internet
right now, providing full-text search access to newsgroup
archives, standards documents, graphics, sound, and biologicial
science data.  New servers are coming on line weekly.  There
are WAIS clients for X Windows, NeXT, Macintosh, and MS Windows,
and gateways from WAIS to other distributed information systems
like World Wide Web and (hopefully soon) Gopher.

Discussion about the name should go to news.groups; 
talk about content should stay in the existing alt.wais group.

Thanks to Jim Ault for prodding me into doing this.

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