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Fri Feb 21 13:05:38 EST 1992

In article <1992Feb20.183438.23162 at> ajt at (Tony Travis)  
>  Recently there was a straw poll
> : within the Botanical Society of America on whether to change the name to  
> : "botanical". 

The American Society of Plant Physiologists is now considering (unless they've  
already decided) to add "and Plant Molecular Biologists" or somescuh.  Same  
idea, different category.  Hope it's rejected!

I have to admit, though, that as we consider plant courses for undergraduates  
here (a small liberal-arts college) we're leaning toward "plant biology" to  
avoid the stamp-collecting mentality that "botany" has come to imply among the  
uninitiated.  We figure we'll break them in slowly (the text, after all, will  
undoubtedly have the word "botany" in it somewhere).

So when does our newsgroup start?

			-Bill Williams
			-St. Mary's College of Maryland

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