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wlk at (Warren L Kovach) writes:
: I would also prefer bionet.botany.  There has been a trend over the past
: number of years to see botany as being old fashioned, and a lot of departments
: have changed their names to "plant sciences" or merged into biology
: departments.  This is hopefully changing.  Recently there was a straw poll
: within the Botanical Society of America on whether to change the name to drop
: "botanical".  Members voted in favor of retaining the current name by 93%!

Hello Warren,

I'm an Agricultural Botanist + proud of it, but I know what you mean about
botany being perceived as 'old fashioned'.

I prefer to look at it in a different way:

Botany is one of the oldest established sciences and has a tradition of
keeping historical records.  Such records and the methods used to
obtain them may well appear old-fashioned by today's standards but they
are part of a philosophy common to all scientific investigation - that
of building on the work of others.

In my view, information technology has an important part to play in
making access to this historical record, and contemporary work, a lot
easier. I think the molecular biologists have lead the way in
exploiting this technology, and we can all learn from their experience.

Thanks again for your support, and let's get bionet.botany approved!


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