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>Erik, my own preference is for bionet.botany, but I'm quite happy to
>name the proposed group bionet.plants if everyone thinks that is a
>better idea. 
>There are already lots of molecular biology sub-divisions of bionet
>though and I'm not really proposing bionet.molbio.plants but a more
>'botanical' group. 

Yes, I strongly agree with this.  We need a group to discuss the whole 
organism aspects of plants without being swamp with the molecular

I would also prefer bionet.botany.  There has been a trend over the past
number of years to see botany as being old fashioned, and a lot of departments
have changed their names to "plant sciences" or merged into biology
departments.  This is hopefully changing.  Recently there was a straw poll
within the Botanical Society of America on whether to change the name to drop
"botanical".  Members voted in favor of retaining the current name by 93%!

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