Bionet.botany - to be or not to be -

A Travis lrri04 at
Wed Feb 19 05:19:40 EST 1992

mwfolsom at (Mike Folsom) writes:
> creating bionet.botany be taken to something called bioforum.   
> Is bioforum a news group or what?  So, just to help this poor   
> addled soul figure out what's happening could someone please    
> tell me what the proposal is and in what stage of the process 
> things are now.

Sorry if I confused the issue by mentioning bioforum - not everyone has
a news feed, and people like me have to mail to lists like bioforum, or
login remotely on a machine that does have a news feed.

The proposal is to create a news group bionet.botany (or bionet.plants if
that is a better name) to discuss topics concerning all aspects of botany,
and the use of computers in botany.


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