Embarrasing Development in Biology Services! New models needed...

Henry Ford ccshf at gdr.bath.ac.uk
Mon Feb 17 10:23:38 EST 1992

I am involved with data supply from and to ecologists and taxonomists,
and an overriding concern from all the British institutions that I
have dealt with is the financial return on their data. The goal posts
have been recently changed, and whereas a few years ago, data that had
been gathered at the publics expense (via the taxpayer) was freely
available to the general public, now has a price on it because the
government no longer funds the work of these institutions. This is not
necessarily the wish of the members of these institutions, who in
general believe in the free dissemination of their data is part of
their public duty, but has been brought about by changes in government
policy. In these new circumstances they are working out how best to
combine their wish to make the data available, with the necessity to
fund the continuing work of their organisations.
Henry Ford, Bath University Computing  Service.

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