Embarrasing Development in Biology Services! New models needed...

Mike Folsom mwfolsom at hydra.unm.edu
Sat Feb 15 20:05:04 EST 1992

In article <1992Feb13.131052.10015 at urz.unibas.ch> doelz at urz.unibas.ch writes:
>After having listened to all the information and rumors on the genbank -> ? 
>migration, I start to worry about the following: 
>Five questions to be answered, quick version for flaming: 
>1) Future services only if profitable? 
>2) How to avoid copyrights? 
>3) Quality/quantity/accesibility control? 
>4) How to do accounting for getting grants? 
>5) Continuation of 'small services'? 
>6) Networking lobby - where? 
  ((lots deleted))
>Hope for a nice and smashing discussion here... 

<<<<Set flame thrower to crisp>>>>

Naw, just kidding.

I think I see where you are comming from with these questions but
don't really beileve that there's much of a problem here.

It would seem to me that all the problems that WE (i.e. - biologists)
could encounter have been faced by the computer people.  They've
been doing news.groups for years and seem to be getting along just
fine.  I believe the same could be said for the engineers.  I really
think that the wonderful thing about e-mail and systems like News 
is that they really can't be regulated.  And, based on conversations
with folks who should know the cost is just not that high.  Anyway 
before big brother comes after us they've got all those alt.groups to 
worry over.  Think about it - there are hundreds/maybe thousands of news
groups out there.  Certainly a few on different aspects of biology is 
a minor thing to ask.  I say post on!  Let the groups grow, multiply and 
be fruitful ( a cross reference to a possible bionet.botany or 
sci.botany group there - see my last posting ).  Let them come into 
existance and let them die.  Let the whole mess be a dynamic 
ever changing market place of ideas transmitted to every part of 
the globe at the speed of light.  Let each idea be evaluated on its
own merits and hopefully let us be civil to one another during the
whole process (see alt.flame about that!).

Re: the rest of your questions -

Well I just guess standards will evolve.  People will become
aware that once info is posted its gone and you've got no more 
control over it.  How to cite a brillant observation or conclusion
on you CV - I dont know, but that will come.  Some folks will share ideas -
others won't.  In that regard it will be no better or worse than  
your adverage meeting.  (Now there's a scarry thought to end with!)



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