What are your favorite physical mapping techniques for DNA ?

Daz darrenp at dibbler.cs.monash.edu.au
Sun Feb 9 20:52:39 EST 1992

Can anyone suggest a good reference on the current state of art in the physical
mapping techniques, or tell me about techniques they are using. I'm also
interested in the sort of computer support you get for interpreting your data.
I know there are various programs around to help with restriction mapping for
example. We are interested here in putting something together that would be
able to integrate data from many different types of experiment, finally
producing a map. I am fairly well aquainted with both the genetic and computing
side of things, so don't be afraid to include any gorey details - anything is

Yours sincerely,


Darren Platt, Department of Computer Science
darrenp at dibbler.cs.monash.edu.au
Monash University, Clayton Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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