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C S Codrington dt88csc at brunel.ac.uk
Sat Feb 1 11:45:38 EST 1992

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Dear Reader

I am a third year design student at Brunel University, taking a four year sandwich course in Industrial Design.

As part of the course it is required that I find a work placement in the design industry for 6 months, from easter 1991.

I am not fussy about moving to other parts of the country/world as long as 
reasonable priced rented accommodation is available near work or is within 
easy reach via good transport links.

So I'm writing to inquire if anyone would be interested in taking on a person with my capabilities as a student designer.

What I would like is a placement whereby I can develope my skills to a higher level. To attain a more practical experience of the design process, from idea to product.

I hope that the curriculum vitae accompanying this letter is suitable enough for me to work within you company.If you feel that I may be suitable for any vacancies in your office, pleasecontact me by email at your earliest convenience (dt88csc at uk.ac.brunel) so that an interview can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. 

I would also appreciate it if you could inform me of anyone you know who would be interested in taking on a student.

Thank you for you time and your efforts.

Yours greafully
Colin Codrington.

                               CURRICULUM VITAE

Personal Details

Name: Colin Codrington
Age: 22
Date Of Birth: 12th September 1969
Status: Single

	Home address				University address
	40 Alvington Crescent			Brunel University
	Dalston				    	Rm 92 President Hall
	Hackney					Coopers Hill Lane
      	London E8 2NW				Egham
						Surrey TW20 OJZ                                                         Tel: 071-249-4238
						Tel: 0784-432644

Schooling & Qualifications

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