a quick help sheet on OMIM

Francois Schiettecatte francois at hel.welch.jhu.edu
Fri Jan 31 12:48:13 EST 1992

This is a brief help sheet on the online-mendeleian-inheritance-in-man.src

This is a database of documented human traits and 
characteristics that are inherited (  a proven inheritance
pattern for a trait or characteristic is shown by the
star pre-pending the 6 digit MIM number in the title, if there
is no star, then the evidence to determine if it is inherited
is not strong enough ).

Such things as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis,
Tay-Sachs and Marfan syndrome are cataloged in there. Also
such things as red hair, dwarfism, blue eyes and many more
are cataloged. You could also look up achoo, which is the
gene responsible for sneezing when looking at a bright light
such as the sun ( this is inherited!! ).

Have fun searching and I would be happy to get feedback.

Francois Schiettecatte
Internet: francois at library.welch.jhu.edu
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