Biomedical Engineering Resume Collection (Case Western Reserve Univ.)

Scott D. Heavner sdh at po.CWRU.Edu
Wed Jan 29 18:06:18 EST 1992

	The Biomedical Engineering Society of Case Western Reserve
University will be compiling a student resume book in 1992.  The book
will contain resumes of students who are seeking summer employment,
cooperative education positions, or full time employment  after
graduation.  It is the society's hope that you will use this as an
introduction to possible, future employees.

	The CWRU biomedical program is one of the finest in the country.
The students attend a rigorous engineering program with an emphasis in
the life sciences.  Besides the engineering core, students also complete
a technical sequence in one of the following areas: biomaterials,
biomechanics, clinical engineering, computers, instrumentation, or systems.

	As an employer of biomedical engineers, this book could prove to
be a valuable source of contacts to some of the brightest biomedical
students available in the country.  To receive your free copy, reply to
xx219 at  Include your name, company name, and address.  We
would also appreciate a brief profile of your company including the type
of work performed there and whether or not you feel you could use
biomedical engineers in your company.  I should point out that at CWRU,
when a biomedical engineer completes the technical sequence, he or she
follows the same course schedule as say an engineer of that sequence
(i.e. a peson following the biomechaincs sequence would be completing
the same requirements as a CWRU mechanical engineering student). 
and return the enclosed form.

	If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to
contact me at any of the addresses listed below.  Thank-you for
your time.

				Scott Heavner
				President Biomedical Engineering Society
				Wickenden 503
				Case Western Reserve University
				Cleveland, OH 44106

				xx219 at
				sdh at
				sdh at
		(last resort)	sheavner at

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