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Claes Vikstr|m klacke at
Wed Jan 29 04:53:12 EST 1992

Hi biologists. I'm posting this for a friend of mine who is a
biologist (I'm not) without net access. 

Now, he's been running a program called 
paup - phylogenetic analysis using parsimony (is this mumbo jumbo to me)
on a Macintosh for a while. Now he has got hold of 386 PC and wonders
if this program is available for the PC as well. If so, where is it
and is it free or does he have to buy it ??? (who sells it ??)

He also wonders if there maybe are any other programs related to this
phylo jello mumbo .. stuff that might be available over the net
and that runs on a 386.

I poked around a little bit on the net myself and found something
called PHYLIP 3.4 is the right thing ???

Please answer by email since I for natural reasons do no read this group

Thanks a lot in advance  !!!! 

-- klacke

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