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In article <Jan. at genbank.bio.net>, kristoff at genbank.bio.net (David Kristofferson) writes...
>	We would appreciate whatever hardcopy promotional help in
>journals that we can get for BIOSCI.  I was beginning to despair that
>the only way we could get space in journals like Science was to spend
>several thousand dollars to buy advertising.
>				Sincerely,
>				Dave Kristofferson
>				GenBank Manager
>				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

I had some success in publishing a hardcopy article about the
Photosynthesis Researchers' List (PHOTOSYN at VM.TAU.AC.IL - Listserv list).
The reference is:-
Marder, J.B. and Knox, R.S. (1991) The "Photosynthesis Researchers' List" -
Automatic Forum via Electronic Mail.  Photosynthesis Research 27, 227-231.

In this case we had the editor-in-chief and his chief assistant as list
members; they had themselves helped in putting together our first email
address lists (the Journal included email addresses in a directory which
was handed out FREE at the 1989 Photosynthesis Congress).

Because of the non-standard nature of our article, the Editor decided to
bypass normal reviewing procedures and published it as an "announcement"
(no charge).  The journal also agreed that we could keep the article

I know that this cosy arrangement might not work out as easily with a major
journal like Science, but you could use this example as a precedent.  You
might also target the journals who get free advertising on BIO-JRNL.

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