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Bernie writes:

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        I have ftp'd the NCBI tools documentation from
and have attempted to print the postscript files.  On the first system I
tried, I got postscript errors indicating the dictionary was full (dict).
I believe this is due to the level 1 implementation of postscript that I'm
running (NeXT computer).  I've tried printing from a Sun, but I get
unavailable font errors.  Does anyone know if the documentation is
available in any other format?


        -- Bernie
           btf64 at
           french at
Something else you might try is translating the Postscript file to a text file
so that you can view/print it from any system.  There is a program at Simtel20
to do just that.  Try:

cd pd1:<msdos.txtutl>
get pstxt.arc

(Note: at simtel20 you really do have to type in pd1:<x.X> - the whole address)
I've had trouble getting through to simtel for the past couple days so there ma
y me something down somwhere - give it a try each day till you get through.
Also Note: this is a DOS program - you'll need a PC

Best of Luck,

Dan Jacobson
danj at

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