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In article <1992Jan15.224032.26762 at>, levay at (Zoltan Levay) writes:
> I've seen a couple of products advertised.  Looking quickly in Outdoor
> Photographer I found:
> 	ProSlide (505-281-8605) IBM, dot-matrix, also sell labels.
> 	SlideScribe (800-345-4118)  IBM and Mac, starting at $39.95.
> 	SlideBase-Pro (800-325-3350)
> These look like basic cataloging (database) plus label printing
> software.  I think there are others as well.
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The problem with most of these programs is that they have rather
severe limitations.  To do true cataloging, you need to have variable
length fields, which can be repeated a large number of times, if
necessary.  (Example:  For a single photo of a group of people, you
may want to have five subject headings/access points for the 
individual people, one for the organization they belong to, one or 
more for the activity taking place, one or more for the location, etc.)
Though you obviously would not want to do this for every image (or 
group of images -- I catalog GROUPS of images) there are cases where
you want/need a lot of subject headings.  If the sofware cannot 
handle this easily, it causes you lots of problems.

Many of these programs have a fixed number of fixed-length fields,
which end up storing lots of empty space.  Also, some of these
systems can only cope with "cataloging" individual images, when
a collection typically has groups of images which all have the
same characteristics.  Then you end up having to enter (and store)
the same data over and over.

That's not to say that some of these programs may not fit the 
needs of some people -- just that you generally get what you pay
for, here and elsewhere.

-- Ernest


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