Genes Proteins and Computers Conference Sept 1992

M.Watts at VTVM2.CC.VT.EDU
Thu Jan 16 12:03:13 EST 1992

First Announcement

An International Conference on COMPUTING IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY
Organised by SERC Daresbury Laboratory
Chester, 3-5 September 1992

This conference is the second of a biannual series of international
conferences on Computing in Molecular Biology.


Topics covered in the sessions will include:  Human Genome Computing,
phylogeny, evolution of AIDS, modelling & bioinformatics. Invited speakers
include Charles Cantor, Jim Ostell, David Eisenberg, Eddie Holmes, Rod
Hubbard and Otto Ritter

Contributions are invited for poster presentations. The best four submissions
as selected by the Programme Committee will be invited for Oral
Presentation. Only one contribution will be accepted per delegate.

The conference fee is 90 pounds sterling. Further details of the meeting,
accommodation charges etc, are available on request.
A limited number of bursaries are available for non-UK European students.

Programme Committee
   M.J. Bishop
   A.J. Bleasby
   A.F.W. Coulson
   T. Kirkwood
   P. Murray-Rust
   D. Roberts
   H.J. Sherman
   J. Thornton

Organising Committee

   A.J. Bleasby
   D.J. Brown
   S.A. Lowndes
   H.J. Sherman
   M.   Watts

For Further Information Please Contact:
G.P.C. Secretariat,
SERC Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington WA4 4AD, UK
Telephone: 0925-603235 or 603305 Fax: 0925-603195

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