Philadelphia Experiment?

M.D. O'Leary Mark.OLeary at
Tue Jan 14 10:55:28 EST 1992

It has been said:
>Am I missing something, or is this discussion (on "sci.skeptic", yet!)
>simply floating off into Free Space? Folks, there WAS NO "Philadelphia
>Experiment", the whole thing started off as a hoax upon UFOlogist
>Morris K. Jessup by Carl Allen (a.k.a. Carlos Allende), as I explained
>in my earlier post. To blather on in the vein of 'such and such must
>have happened to the USS Eldridge' COMPLETELY IN THE ABSENCE OF SOURCES
>is a waste of time and bandwidth.
>Please stop blathering about 'I think this and that happened' UNLESS
>you can show some source (other than a science fiction book or movie)
>to substantiate what you say!

My 0.05-worth:

How about the names, records etc of the servicemen involved? What institution 
were the unfortunates transferred too after their brains were wiped (possible 
by a vary large disk-blanker)?

Or maybe, how about waiting the statutory 50 years from 1947 (ie 5 years time) 
until at  least some of the currently classified documents are made accessible?

<my guess is that all the info will become available, 'cos NOTHING HAPPENED>

To summarise, lets suspend this circular discussion until something NEW comes 


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