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In article <1992Jan15.010840.13772 at Princeton.EDU>, unasmith at phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Una Smith) writes:
|> As a biologist, I own a growing collection of slides.  For most, I want
|> to record a date (year and month, at least), location, and the names of
|> any people and/or scientific and/or common names of any plants and
|> animals appearing in the picture.  If I were to build an old-fashioned
|> card catalog for my collection, there would be many "access points" per
|> slide.  Clearly, I need a computer program to handle creation,
|> maintenance/updating/corrections, and elaborate searches on keywords,
|> geographic names, etc.

I've seen a couple of products advertised.  Looking quickly in Outdoor
Photographer I found:

	ProSlide (505-281-8605) IBM, dot-matrix, also sell labels.

	SlideScribe (800-345-4118)  IBM and Mac, starting at $39.95.

	SlideBase-Pro (800-325-3350)

These look like basic cataloging (database) plus label printing
software.  I think there are others as well.

I use a general purpose database (MicroFiche Filer) on an Amiga for
cataloging and a word processor (WordPerfect) to make labels.  I can
print labels from MFF and there is a database compatible with WP but I
have not put these things together as I have not found a particular
need to yet, though I can see that many people would.  I don't think
it's hard to design a database record format that is useful for
cataloging photographs.  Perhaps to do it *right* is hard.  :-)  MFF
does allow including an actual image in the catalog as a pointer to the
digital data, so it begins to look somewhat like a digital light

Labels sized to fit on a 2x2 35mm slide mount are also available from
Light Impressions (800-828-6216) and possibly other places.

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