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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Wed Jan 15 21:46:49 EST 1992

> I don't like because it smacks too much of help at nodename
> which usually where neophytes go to get help from the computer center
> staff.  This only works as a group if there are informed individuals out
> there...  I was going to suggest, but that might not be an
> improvement.  I do like the idea of merging bio-nauts into some more
> general group.  How about bionet.general, now that there will be
> bionet.announce and bionet.discuss?

This is another possibility worth considering, but
BIOFORUM/bionet.general does not draw people's attention as a place to
go for help.

> About the bionet-blurb that you post regularly, Dave, I have read it
> frequently with the idea of distributing it to others in my department,
> but I must confess having difficulty reading it.  In particular, it
> seems to me that information about subscribing should come first (or at
> least sooner).  This suggests to me that the subscription list side
> should be more completely separated from the USENET part.  It might also
> be helpful to drop the abstract group names and simply have the two
> lists of functional names (list and newsgroup) with short description of
> each one, each in the separate section.  For novices (those who really
> need this document), the idea of either lists or newsgroups alone is
> confusing enough without their being blended together as they seem to be
> in the document.  I realize that they ARE in reality quite mixed up, and
> that's the situation you see every day, but I think it might be improved
> from the perspective of its audience.

I agree with you completely.  I think that the current info sheet is
almost horrible (but complete at least).  We are trying to reorganize
the BIOSCI distribution system and I intend to rewrite the whole thing
with a view to greatly simplfying it.  The pace of the reorganization
is not completely in my hands though, so it may be a while still.  The
info sheet reflects the fact that the BIOSCI distribution system still
contains a lot of historical artifacts which need to be updated.  If
we were all using USENET news software, the info sheet would probably
be not much more than a list of the newsgroups!!  The use of the
various networks, mail, LISTSERV, etc., all add complexity


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