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David A Rintoul drintoul at
Wed Jan 15 14:47:40 EST 1992

  I have been approached by a student here at Kansas State University
who would like to work in marine biology.  Since that hasn't really
been an option here since the late Cretaceous, and since I really
don't know that much about the area (I went to Stanford, so I know
about their program, but am ignorant about any others), I would really
appreciate it if I could get some other input from the net.  Where is
it possible to get a good education in marine biology (specialty
undeclared)?  Is there a consensus about the best 4-5 institutions,
and what are important parameters to use in making a decision (e.g.,
availability of a marine station, availability of a research
oceanographic ship, number of faculty etc.)?  Thanks for any
help you can give me on this topic.  Send e-mail to
drintoul at; I will summarize the discussion
for the newsgroup if there is sufficient response and interest.

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