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Wed Jan 15 13:23:46 EST 1992

In article <1992Jan15.010840.13772 at Princeton.EDU> unasmith at phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Una Smith) writes:
>As a biologist, I own a growing collection of slides.  For most, I want
>to record a date (year and month, at least), location, and the names of
>any people and/or scientific and/or common names of any plants and
>animals appearing in the picture.  If I were to build an old-fashioned
>card catalog for my collection, there would be many "access points" per
>slide.  Clearly, I need a computer program to handle creation,
>maintenance/updating/corrections, and elaborate searches on keywords,
>geographic names, etc.
>Any suggestions?  I've been told some bibliographic software packages
>have some options for image cataloging, but they sound pretty
>rudimentary.  I know no photographers who bother to do any cataloging at
>all.  I realize that all cataloging systems involve a lot of work, which
>may never pay off because most slides will never be used more than 6
>months after they're, is it even worth bothering with?
>   - Una

If you've got a Mac, have you considered Hypercard?  It's designed for
multi-threaded access, and is image-oriented.  There's undoubtably PD or
cheapware Hypercard stacks available for this sort of thing, and since the
stacks are source, mutating them to your taste is comparateively

One possible one I read about in MacWorld deals with libraries:

	"Open Stack"
	Apple Library users Group
	10381 Bandley Dr.
	Cupertino, CA 95014

No product comes with this guarantee.


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