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In article <1992Jan15.010840.13772 at Princeton.EDU>, unasmith at phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Una Smith) writes:
> As a biologist, I own a growing collection of slides.  For most, I want
> to record a date (year and month, at least), location, and the names of
> any people and/or scientific and/or common names of any plants and
> animals appearing in the picture.  If I were to build an old-fashioned
> card catalog for my collection, there would be many "access points" per

I'm using Papyrus, a $99 bibliographic system I _really_ like (as
a bibliographic system) for slide catalog, too.  It can search on
keywords, subjects, etc.  As a plant taxonomist, I mainly want to
search by family or genus; occasionally by location.

Anyhow, I'm using the author field for locality (in the format
Country:State:Local name), subject matter in the title field,
and putting family, genus, and some other common things I want to
look for in the keyword fields.   Papyrus has a comments field, too,
so I stick misc. stuff in that.

Nope, no interest in the company.  Got the initial info from a review
in _Taxon_.  Research Design Software  2718 SW Kelly St, Portland, OR
97201  (503) 796-1368.  Available in VAX, Mac or IBM-oid versions.

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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