Yeast lysis methods

Coady Michael coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Jan 15 10:32:30 EST 1992

Hello all,]
	Sorry for putting this into this group, as it should go into
methods-and-reagents, but the previous message in this string was
	As for nitrogen cavitation and French press, I don't have any
personal experience with the French press but I believe that it uses
a considerable amount of pressure to squeeze the preparation through
a grid or what not to break the cells.  I've done a lot of nitrogen
cavitation work and the principles are quite different.  The nitrogen
bomb does good work at destroying mammalian cells by causing equilibration
of nitrogen within the cells using high pressure nitrogen and then
extruding the cells from the "bomb" using a thin aperture.  The nitrogen
leaves the intracellular solution and sort of bubbles up, breaking the
cell membrane.  
	Sorry, I don't know how well this would work with yeast which
likely have a tougher cell wall than your typical lipid bilayer mammalian

Mike Coady

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