BIONEWS Reorganization Vote Results

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET
Tue Jan 14 00:17:16 EST 1992

Voting ended today at 00 hours and the final tally was as follows:

Plan	Vote	%	Summary of Plan
----	----   ---	---------------
A	98	47	Moderate bionet.announce but not bionet.general
B	29	14	unmoderated bionet.announce AND bionet.general
C	37	18	don't change current BIONEWS/bionet.general
D	 6	 3	moderate ALL BIOSCI newsgroups
E	40	19	Plan A *plus* create a newsgroup

Total votes cast = 210

According to our procedure because no Plan received 50%, there should
now be a run-off between the two highest plans.  However, this means
that Plan A and Plan E would now be put out to vote.  Note that Plan E
included all aspects of Plan A and PLUS the formation of a BIO-HELP
newsgroup.  It is clear that 138 out of 210 voters (an overwhelming
65.7%!!) desired a moderated bionet.announce newsgroup and an
unmoderated bionet.general newsgroup.  The only question that would be
resolved in a run-off between Plans A and E would be a vote on the
creation of a BIO-HELP/ newsgroup for answering questions
about using the newsgroups.  This question can be put out to a vote on
its own merits instead of as a run-off between A and E, but first I
would like to raise a question to Rob Harper (which I raised during
the pre-vote discussion but which was apparently overlooked).


BIONAUTS/bionet.users.addresses which you oversee was originally
supposed to be a BIO-HELP newsgroup but its name, although creative,
is not sufficiently obvious to direct people to post their questions
to that newsgroup.  Instead of creating another newsgroup (which might
also draw some postings away from METHODS), would you want to rename
BIONAUTS?  Or would you want to leave the name the same and just
modify the BIOSCI info sheet description?  We need to come up with a
name that obviously indicates a place where novice BIOSCI users can go
for help.  Of course, we can leave BIONAUTS/bionet.users.addresses as
it is where it will continue to get mainly e-mail address queries and
also create a new BIO-HELP group.  Any suggestions are welcome here.
Personally, BIO-HELP/ doesn't sound like a bad idea to me,
but I'd like feedback because this may cause confusion and draw off
messages from BIONAUTS and METHODS.

Everyone again,

We will proceed with the creation of a new moderated
BIONEWS/bionet.announce newsgroup which will take about a month to set
up because it must be registered in the USENET moderated newsgroup
list.  Watch this forum (now BIOFORUM/bionet.general) for progress
reports.  BIOFORUM mailing addresses will be created at the three
BIOSCI nodes as soon as possible and the BIONEWS mailing addresses
will continue to point to bionet.general until the moderated newsgroup
is created.  I include a copy of Plan A again below which describes
the reorganization in more detail.

My thanks to all of you for participating in this vote.  The turnout
for this was about 40% of the number of people who respond to our
semi-annual readership surveys, and *much* higher than received for
any previous newsgroup vote.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

				kristoff at


                                Plan A

The current BIONEWS/bionet.general newsgroup will be split into two

I. BIONEWS/bionet.announce

a *moderated* newsgroup (moderated by me, at least, and any other
BIOSCI managers that want to volunteer some time).  This means that
postings will be screened first (but NOT edited) before posting to the
newsgroup.  Only postings deemed to be announcements directed at a
widespread audience of biologists will be posted.  Other postings will
NOT be discarded or edited, but will be simply forwarded to the second
newsgroup (or other BIOSCI forum, e.g., methods questions to METHODS,
etc.) which is described as follows:

II. BIOFORUM/bionet.general

this will be a newsgroup for discussions on any topic of interest in
biology and will specifically be the appropriate home for discussions
which do not fit into any of the current BIOSCI/bionet specialty
newsgroups.  This forum will be unmoderated and unfettered, being
subject only to the usual network regulations prohibiting commercial
use, advertising, and job postings.

Current e-mail subscribers to BIONEWS/bionet.general will be
automatically subscribed to newsgroup I, BIONEWS/bionet.announce.
E-mail subscriptions to BIOFORUM will have to be requested from your
local BIOSCI node.

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