Philadelphia Experiment?

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Fri Jan 10 20:50:45 EST 1992

I have been intrigued by the "Philadelphia Experiment" for years...

The information I have *heard* is as mysterious as anything else you 
may have heard or read... but as several of these posts have said...
SOMETHING really happened to the USS Eldrige in approximately 1947.

The "eyewitness acounts" were that the Eldrige began to "shimmer" and 
faded from view for several minutes.  SIMULTANEOUS accounts from the
dockyards in Philadelphia said that a DARKENED SILOUETTE of a ship
faded IN and "shimmered" there.  the Eldrige was SUPPOSED to be in
Rhode Island at the time of the experiment.  (where the fade-out supposedly

No one will say exactly what happened, or how.  I believe that no one really
knows for sure, however, about 30 percent of the Eldrige crew was listed
as "missing" following the incident, and the remainder were institutionalized
by all known accounts, in an assylum.  No reason given.

I understand that Albert Einstien's Unified Theory (which he declaired a
dismal error in judgement) was abandoned at the time of the Philadelphia
Experiment.  I also understand that Einstien refused to work on the project
that his theory of a Unified Field supposedly spawned.

The Unified Field Theory was supposed to tie together gravitation, magnetism,
relativity, and time.  Einstien worked on it for years.  About the time of the
creation of the first nuclear bomb, he refused to participate in teh national
arms race.  He wrote several letters refusing to assist the scientists in teh
war department.  His reporst to Washington about the Unified theory were very
optimistic at first, then when the hydrogen bomb was tested, he began telling them that it was not going to work.  Almost immediately following the PhiladelphiaExperiment, he destroyed ALL his notes on the Unified Theory and declaired it
a "pipe dream".  Did he destroy his notes becasue the data in them would have 
allowed us to understand what happened to the Eldrige?

I believe Yes.  I believe that the purpose of the Eldrige Experiment was to
render a ship INVISIBLE TO RADAR by bending the magnetic fields of the earth
around the ship.  One of Einstiends theories was that light would bend under
extreme gravitation or extreme magnetism.  Radar is based on a light-wave
reflection in the beyond-visible spectrum.  Why not "bend Radar?"

So, the experiment fitted the Eldrige with a magnetic field generator...
the power waws cranked to beyond anything ever experienced by man, and 
"pop"... altered the magnetic flux of the earth.  Could the ship have
transfered to a polarity-matched point on earth instantly?

Who knows?  The experiment and all the details leading to it are gone from 
our sight, and everyone denies everything.

What do YOU think?



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