Philadelphia Experiment?

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>I have been intrigued by the "Philadelphia Experiment" for years...

Oh. We're off to a bad start already, then... :-)

>I believe Yes.  I believe that the purpose of the Eldrige Experiment was to
>render a ship INVISIBLE TO RADAR by bending the magnetic fields of the earth
>around the ship.  One of Einstiends theories was that light would bend under
>extreme gravitation or extreme magnetism.  Radar is based on a light-wave
>reflection in the beyond-visible spectrum.  Why not "bend Radar?"

Light does bend under extreme gravitation, however this is dpendant on
its energy, and thus on its wavelength, which is why black holes are the
only practical "devices" that work on such things, and anyway Hawking
radiation, in the form of high-energy X-rays, works as a form of energy
dissipation for black holes. There is no reason that this should not be
possible with magnetism, _however,_ given that current scientific
techniques preclude the containing of gas plasmas efficiently using
magnetic fields, it is highly improbable, nay, impossible, that anywhere
near the amount of energy necessary to bend light, radar, or any other
form of electromagnetic radiation was available in the 1940s, as it
certainly isn't in the early 1990s. In any case, given that the
deflection experienced would be a function of the wavelength of the
impinging radiation, the best that would be expected for radar (if, as I
seem to remember, it has a fairly short wavelength) is some form of

All theories put forward about the Philadelphia Experiment that have
come to my attention have been laced liberally with dodgy, unlikely,
and impossible pseudo-science that makes them of less value than pulp
science fiction. Perhaps the followup for this thread should be changed
to, where all the nutters can get together
and take a break from discussing UFO propulsion tehniques and
concentrate on this instead.

>So, the experiment fitted the Eldrige with a magnetic field generator...
>the power was cranked to beyond anything ever experienced by man, and 
>"pop"... altered the magnetic flux of the earth.  Could the ship have
>transfered to a polarity-matched point on earth instantly?


>Who knows?  The experiment and all the details leading to it are gone from 
>our sight, and everyone denies everything.

Everyone with a clue denies everything.

>What do YOU think?

I should think that that's pretty obvious.

	-- Bryan

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