Toxic & Radioactive Waste in Mass Bay, Tue, 7 Jan, 7pm, 6-120, MIT;

Richard D Shyduroff rdshydur at
Tue Jan 7 11:17:55 EST 1992

to: all MIT students, community and alum within an easy commute during IAP!
                MIT's January IAP, course no. 349
                      series begins tonight
                   Tuesday, 7 January,  at 7pm
                           room 6-120
                      Dr. David Wiley, PhD
                Research Director at IWC, Biologist
"Location and Condition Inspection of Toxic and Low-Level Radioactive
        Waste in The Massachusetts Bay Industrial Waste Site"
IAP course #349 begins with a review of ongoing and new research devoted to
looking at toxic and radioactive waste materials that have been and are still
being dumped in our local waters.
Dr. David Wiley, Research Director at the Falmouth-based International
Wildlife Coalition, will show underwater videos and side-scan sonar images he
has made from the IWC's research vessel M.V. Navajo, in Massachusetts Bay
and Boston Harbor.
Dr. Wiley's presentation will be followed by a discussion, possibly including
members of MIT's Sea Grant Program, Boston's Save the Harbor, Save the Bay,
and MIT's Department of Ocean Engineering ... who all are invited to attend.
MIT/IAP course 349, info: call richard shyduroff, x3-2000 or pick up
revised schedule in E15-443, or consult IAP bulletin boards or on-line
send e-mail to:  <rdshydur at>
MIT students interested in pursuing the subject into the spring term
should contact Prof. Jerome Milgrim,  Ocean Engineering, who is offering a new
course, 13.011: Introduction to Ocean Science and Technology. 1992 Experiment:
Sonar signatures of Hazardous Waste Containers in Massachusetts Bay. Course 13
information is available outside Prof. Milgrim's office, 5-318, or from
Barbara Smith, x3-0137.

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