oyster thief/phycology question

Kay Klier klier at iscsvax.uni.edu
Tue Jan 7 22:56:52 EST 1992

In article <1991Dec29.180535.1490 at iscsvax.uni.edu>, klier at iscsvax.uni.edu (Kay Klier) writes:
> Any phycologists out there?  I have vague recollections of an
> alga known as the oyster thief.  

Thanks to all who took the time to dig around for this one.  Joe Ackerman
mentioned the sort of reverse of the oyster-thief life cycle: young post-
metamorphic bivalves undergo a pelagic secondary dispersal after their primary
attachment to a filamentous algae.  Francis Oulette nominated Postelsia
palmiformis, for its habits of attachments to mussels, and PA Breen mentioned
Sargassum muticum, introduced to Washington and British Columbia with
commercial oysters.  He also mentioned Colpomenia and Leathesia as other

Nice to know that I wasn't hallucinating -- just wish I could find it in
my old morphology notes.  Oh, well, I guess we Iowans aren't too up on
marine phenomena -- we used to have an ocean, but it went away awhile back...

Kay Klier

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