Philadelphia Experiment?

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Tue Jan 7 09:15:38 EST 1992

minsky at (Marvin Minsky) writes:

>Sorry about this, but  "The Philadelphia Experiment" was just a pretty
>good Science-Fiction movie

I read about Einstein's "Philadelphia Experiment" about 30 years ago.
Yes, I'm almost an old man. :-) I may be able to find the book if I
look around.

Allegedly, Einstein was working for the U.S. Government on a secret project
to make warships invisible to enemy radar. The method he tried was
a series of powerful pulsating electro-magnets to warp the space
around the ship to protect it from the radar pulse.

As the story goes, the experiment worked, making it not only invisible to
radar, but to human sight, and also warped time. However, it had devastating
effects on some crew members because they didn't adhere to the warnings
about not wearing metallic jewelry items, and caused them to have retentive
localized warp fields that were out of control. (i.e. arms and legs
momentarily disappearing).

Whether true or not, it was very interesting reading 30 years ago.
The story predates the movie by a few decades.
Greg Hackney
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