Philadelphia Experiment?

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In article <1992Jan7.083952.4055 at> dusty at (Dusty Garza) writes:
>The book: "THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT" was writen by now semi-famous
>           UFOlogist Bill Moore.  He CO-WROTE the best selling novel (fiction)
>           that told a shrewdly provocative story about a voyage to the
>           future.

"The Philadelphia Experiment" was co-written by Charles Berlitz (of "Bermuda
Triangle" fame) and Bill Moore (of 'crashed flying saucer" fame). I can't
see how *anyone* can call a thing like that "believable." Supposedly it
has a Navy ship being 'teleported' from one Navy yard to another (I can
see how that skill might be useful in combat!), but the effects of the
'teleportation' made the crew go crazy. The description of the "science"
involved is pure-Pseudo.

Actually, I think that the yarn goes back to the wild tales of Morris
K. Jessup in the 1950s, who was supposedly harassed by the Men In
Black. This was played up in the Saucer rags of the late Gray Barker
in the 1950s and 60s. (Barker, by the way, confessed that he didn't
believe *one word* of any of this stuff, but business is business,
you know.)
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