Philadelphia Experiment?

Marvin Minsky minsky at
Mon Jan 6 22:28:39 EST 1992

In article <1992Jan7.003525.4567 at> nmodena at (Stephen Modena) writes:
>In article <3375 at ixgch.uucp> chris at (Christoph Eckert) writes:
>>hello people!
>>i'm looking for any kind of information about the so-called
>>	"Philadelphia Experiment",
>>an alleged secret experiment/project of the U.S.Navy that took place
>>in Philadelphia harbor in the mid 50ties and turned out to a public scandal
>>due to rather mysterious facts.
>i........STUFF DELETED......

Sorry about this, but  "The Philadelphia Experiment" was just a pretty
good Science-Fiction movie about a mysterious device that cause some
of the crew of a Navy ship to travel forward in time.  He finally even
managed to get back.  But his buddy materialized partly in the deck.

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