Philadelphia Experiment?

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Mon Jan 6 19:35:25 EST 1992

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>hello people!
>i'm looking for any kind of information about the so-called
>	"Philadelphia Experiment",
>an alleged secret experiment/project of the U.S.Navy that took place
>in Philadelphia harbor in the mid 50ties and turned out to a public scandal
>due to rather mysterious facts.

i........STUFF DELETED......
>thanks a lot & best regards:
>Chris Eckert, XGP Switzerland
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I lived in Philadelphia from 1964 to 1971.  Never heard anything....and
I was a neighbor to an investigative reporter and to the head of
rotogravrue of the ENQUIRER newspaper.
.  In our many adventuresome taaks (often on politics and
government), no mention of anything in Philadelphia "harbor"...if that
is what the river docks are.

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