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>>>hello people!
>>>i'm looking for any kind of information about the so-called
>>>	"Philadelphia Experiment",
>>>an alleged secret experiment/project of the U.S.Navy that took place
>>>in Philadelphia harbor in the mid 50ties and turned out to a public scandal
>>>due to rather mysterious facts.
>>i........STUFF DELETED......

>Sorry about this, but  "The Philadelphia Experiment" was just a pretty
>good Science-Fiction movie about a mysterious device that cause some
>of the crew of a Navy ship to travel forward in time.  He finally even
>managed to get back.  But his buddy materialized partly in the deck.

Yes there was a movie concerning the events you have just described
but the movie was loosely based on a real event.

Admiteddly there was probably no time travel whatsoever during
the real event but from all indications something really damn
strange did happen aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge almost 50
years ago and the Navy is not sayin' what.

In fact almost all material on the Eldridge was classified
and as far as I know remains so to this day.

I'm no expert on the subject but I have read a book or two about
it and I think that SOMETHING happened way back when.

I'm not sayin' what it was but the US Navy doesn't classify mere
photographs of a ship for no reason.  I reccomend you pick up
a book on the subject and see what some people have claimed.

Whether you believe it or not it does make for an interesting read.

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