Philadelphia Experiment?

Christoph Eckert chris at ixgch.uucp
Sun Jan 5 15:45:28 EST 1992

hello people!

i'm looking for any kind of information about the so-called

	"Philadelphia Experiment",

an alleged secret experiment/project of the U.S.Navy that took place
in Philadelphia harbor in the mid 50ties and turned out to a public scandal
due to rather mysterious facts.

it's very difficult to find reliable information as this "event" lies
back almost 50 years now. in addition the whole thing was always very
controversial, although one thing's sure: there happened something really
strange. now i'm highly curious what i'll find out more about it :-)

so anyone who can help with infos (documents, articles, references,
explanations, addresses etc.) is invited to do so and send them via e-mail
To: eniac at

thanks a lot & best regards:
Chris Eckert, XGP Switzerland
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