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>       In the 60's the Nixon administration developed a "hit list" of
>scientists, including Nobel lauriates, who would not have their PHS grants
>funded/renewed because of their political activites during the election
>ampaign (in favor of a candidate whom they thought would have a more
>enlightened policy toward science).  An exec sec risked his job by informing
>one of these scientists about the list and the true reason his grant would not
>be renewed.  The people on this list put themselves, their staffs (including
>me) and their institutions at further risk of retaliations by trying to expose
>the existence of this hit list and unreasonable infringement of free speech.
>I personally think that in the long run, we are all better off for their risky

  NOBODY is trying to stifle anyone's right to speak.  However,
within the bounds of such a right is the notion of proper time
and place.  All that Dave has said is that THIS forum (BIOSCI)
is inappropriate for political speech.  Given that there are
other places to express such opinions, all he is asking is that
you use them to say WHATEVER you wish.  This is VERY different
from Tricky Dick's squelshing of all contrary public opinion.

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