NCBI needs help

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Mon Jul 6 02:15:33 EST 1992


I think after your further round of elaborations on your meaning of
toolkits that I would agree with your position.  The question then
becomes whether or not NCBI will actually operate within your
suggested boundaries.  As I just mentioned in my reply to Ernie,
without examining the toolkit project in detail one can't really
debate this point further, and such an examination would be too
detailed and time consuming to be conducted in this forum.

This has been an entertaining way to spend part of my weekend, but
tomorrow it's back to work.  I believe that I have made essentially all
of the general points that I think need stating in my recent postings.
Unless anyone raises something novel (not something from the dead 8-)
or unless I get a further announcement for posting from the software
association, I will most likely move on to other things.

Dave (fearlessly bringing you the unpopular side of the argument) Kristofferson

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