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Una Smith una at
Mon Jun 29 12:50:17 EST 1992

I guess it's time to repost my list of LISTSERV groups of
(sometimes questionable) relevance to biology.  So here goes...


In addition to the extensive discussion groups available via
electronic mail subscription from BIOSCI at GENBANK.BIO.NET (as
well as via Usenet), there are a number of other subscription
lists that might be of interest to you.

If you know of any remotely biology-related (non-medical)
groups not on this list, please let me know.  Also, general
comments are always welcome.

	Una Smith	una at

Address           Descriptive title
------------      ----------
ACDGIS-L at AWIIMC12 Geographische Informationssysteme
AG-ECON at ERS       Agricultural Economics and ERS Test List
AG-EXP-L at NDSUVM1  AG-EXP-L Ag Expert Systems
AGRIC-L at UGA       Agriculture Discussion
ANTHRO-L at UBVM     General Anthropology Bulletin Board
APASPAN at GWUVM     APA Scientific Grassroots Network
AQUA-L at UOGUELPH   Aquaculture Discussion List
AQUIFER at IBACSATA  Pollution and grondwater recharge
ARCH-L at TAMVM1     Archaeology List
ASEH-L at TTUVM1     American Society of Environmental Historians
BEE-L at ALBNYVM1    Discussion of Bee Biology
BIO-DOST at TREARN   Biyolojik Bilimlerde Calisan Turk Bilim Adaml
BIOCIS-L at SIVM     BIOCIS-L Biology Curriculum Innovation Study
biodiv-l at	Biodiversity networks
BIOMCH-L at HEARN    Biomechanics and Movement Science listserver
BIOSPH-L at UBVM     Biosphere, ecology, Discussion List
BIRD_RBA at ARIZVM1  National Birding Hotline Cooperative
BIRDBAND at ARIZVM1  Bird Bander's Forum
BIRDCNTR at ARIZVM1  National Birding Hotline Cooperative (Central)
BIRDEAST at ARIZVM1  National Birding Hotline Cooperative (East)
BIRDWEST at ARIZVM1  National Birding Hotline Cooperative (West)
BLIND-L at UAFSYSB   Computer Use by and for the Blind
BMDP-L at MCGILL1    BMDP Software Users
BNFNET-L at FINHUTC  BNFNET Biological Nitrogen Fixation Forum
BRINE-L at UGA       Brine Shrimp Discussion List
CAMEL-L at SAKFU00   Discussion Forum on Camels Researches
CLASS-L at SBCCVM    Classification, clustering, and phylogeny est
CLIMLIST at OHSTVMA  CLIMLIST Climatology Distribution List
COASTGIS at IRLEARN  Coastal GIS Distribution List
COGSCI-L at YORKVM1  Cognitive Science Discussion Group
COMDEV at RPIECS     Communication & international development
CONFOCAL at UBVM     Confocal Microscopy List
CONSLINK at SIVM     Discussion on Biological Conservation
CYAN-TOX at GREARN   The Cyanobacterial Toxins Discussion List
CYBSYS-L at BINGVMB  Cybernetics and Systems
DAIRY-L at UMDD      Dairy Discussion List
DASP-L at CSEARN     Digital Acoustic Signal Processing
DEVEL-L at AUVM      Technology Transfer in International Developm
DIATOM-L at IUBVM    Research on the diatom algae
DIS-L at IUBVM       Drosophila workers to receive DIS Newsletter
EBCBBUL at HDETUD1   Computers in Biotechnology, Research and Educ
EBCBCAT at HDETUD1   Catalogue of 'Biotechnological' software
ECOLOG-L at UMDD     Ecological Society of America: grants, jobs
ECONET at MIAMIU     (Peered) A discussion of Ecological and Envir
ECOSYS-L at DEARN    ECOSYS-L Liste fuer 'ecosystem theory and mod
EMBINFO at IBACSATA  EMBNet (European Molecular Biology Network) D
EMFLDS-L at UBVM     Electromagnetics in Medicine, Science & Comun
ENVST-L at BROWNVM   Environmental Studies Discussion List
FORUMBIO at BNANDP11 Forum on molecular biology
GEL2D at FRORS13     Groupe des utilisateurs d'electrophorese bidi
GENETICS at INDYCMS  Clinical human genetics
GEOLOGY at PTEARN    Geology Discussion List
GEONET-L at IUBVM    GEONET-L Geoscience Librarians & Information
GIS-L at UBVM        Geographic Information Systems Discussion Lis
GLOSAS-L at UOTTAWA  GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation List
GRANTS-L at JHUVM    NSF Grants & Contracts Bulletin Board Bitnet
HORT-L at VTVM1      Va Tech Horticulture Dept. - Monthly Releases
HORTPGM at VTVM1     Va Tech Horticulture Dept. - Programs in Cons
HPSST-L at QUCDN     History and Philosophy of Science and Science
HUMEVO at GWUVM      Human Evolutionary Research Discussion List
HYPBAR-L at TECHNION HyperBaric & Diving Medicine List
IAPWILD at NDSUVM1   International Arctic Project Wildlife
INFO-GCG at UTORONTO INFO-GCG: GCG Genetics Software Discussion
INNS-L at UMDD       International Neural Network Society
ITRDBFOR at ASUACAD  Dendrochronology Forum for the International
JOB-LIST at FRORS12  Job offers from EARN Institute members
L-ETHO at UQAM       Ethologistes/Ethologists
LPN-L at BROWNVM     Laboratory Primate Newsletter List
MAPS-L at UGA        Maps and Air Photo Systems Forum  
MARINE-L at UOGUELPH Marine Studies/Shipboard Education Discussion
METHODS at RPIECS    Research methodology
MICRONET at UOGUELPH Fungus and Root Interaction Discussion
MORPHMET at CUNYVM   Biological Morphometrics Mailing List
MUSEUM-L at UNMVMA   Museum discussion list
NAT-1492 at TAMVM1   NATIVE-L Columbus Quincentenary Mailing List
NATIVE-L at TAMVM1   NATIVE-L Issues Pertaining to Aboriginal Peop
NATURA-L at UCHCECVM Ecologia y Proteccion de la Naturaleza en Chi
NDRG-L at WVNVM      Nonlinear Dynamics Research Group
NESUG-L at UMAB      NorthEast SAS Users Group List
NEURAL-N at ANDESCOL Artificial Neural Networks Discussion
NEURO1-L at UICVM    Neuroscience Information Forum
NEWCROPS at PURCCVM  Discussion list for New Crops
NEWEDU-L at USCVM    New Paradigms in Education List
OTS-L at YALEVM      Organization for Tropical Studies at Yale Uni
PACARC-L at WSUVM1   Pacific Rim Archaeology Interest List
PHOTOSYN at TAUNIVM  Photosynthesis Researchers' List
PSTAT-L at IRLEARN   Discussion of Stats and Programming relating
QUAKE-L at NDSUVM1   QUAKE-L Discussion List
RBMI at FRORS13      Groupe de Recherche en Biologie Moleculaire e
ROOTS-L at NDSUVM1   ROOTS-L Genealogy List
SAS-L at AWIIMC12    (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion (pick nearest one)
SAS-L at FINHUTC     (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion 
SAS-L at MARIST      (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SAS-L at OHSTVMA     (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SAS-L at TCSVM       (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SAS-L at UALTAVM     (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SAS-L at UGA         (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SAS-L at VTVM1       (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SAS-L at VTVM2       (Peered) SAS(r) Discussion
SASJOB-L at ALBNYDH2 SAS Jobs-SAS Classes/Seminars
SBNC-L at BRUSPVM    Sociedade Brasileira de Neurociencias e Compo
SCIFRAUD at ALBNYVM1 Discussion of Fraud in Science
SEISM-L at BINGVMB   Seismological Data Distribution
SEISMD-L at BINGVMB  Seismological Discussion
SINOECOL at MIAMIU   (Peered) Sino-Ecologists Club Overseas Forum
STAT-GEO at UFRJ     Forum of Quantitative Methods in Geosciences.
STAT-L at MCGILL1    Statistical Consulting
TAXACOMA at MSU      Taxacom Announcements and News (systematics)
TAXACOMT at MSU      Taxacom Technical
TELESI-L at ULKYVM   Visual Communication Theory Discussion
THPHYSIO at FRMOP11  Thermal Physiology
UIGIS-L at UBVM      User Interfaces for Geographic Information Sy
WISENET at UICVM     Women In Science and Engineering NETwork
WVGIS-L at WVNVM     WVa GIS Discussion List

The above are standard LISTSERV subscription lists.  To subscribe
to these, send email to the LISTSERV userid at the appropriate
node.  For example, to subscribe to the CONSLINK list, send email
to LISTSERV at SIVM, with no Subject line, and in the body of the
message put:  SUBSCRIBE CONSLINK Your Name

To reach a Bitnet node from the Internet, simply append ".bitnet"
to the email address, thusly:  LISTSERV at SIVM.bitnet

Some of these lists are also available via Usenet under the
bit.listserv hierarchy:


There are now roughly 2000 subscription lists available through
LISTSERVs, and there are another 1500 discussion groups available
through Usenet.  At present, a total of about 160 subscription
lists are paired with discussion groups:  the 30 BIOSCI groups
and 130 others.

If your site has Usenet, but not the bit.listserv or bionet
hierarchies, ask your system administrator to add them.  If
your site does not have a Usenet feed, ask for that too.
For help with getting Usenet brought to your site, send email
to biosci at

Some additional (non-LISTSERV) lists are given below.  The
first column is the list name itself, and the second is the
address to which e-mail requesting a subscription should be
sent.  Since a human being reponds to e-mail sent to request
addresses, you should include the word "subscribe" in the
subject line, and put your name and institution in the text,
as well as any comments or questions you may have.

List name (and topic)		List administrator 

wildnet at         wildnet-request at
    (conservation issues)
b-e-group at       b-e-requests at
    (behavioral ecology)
biologia at		[unknown]


Una Smith   una at    School of the Environment
                                Duke University
            June 1992           Durham, NC  27706


Una Smith   una at    School of the Environment
                                Duke University
                                Durham, NC  27706

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