information on inherited traits?

Mike Cherry cherry at
Thu Jun 25 20:39:00 EST 1992

In article <12759 at>, steffen at (David Steffen) writes...
>IT DOESN'T WORK!  I have repeatedly tried this approach on the bionet
>bulletin board, and it never works.  I tried it on OMIM, a totally
>different database, and it still doesn't work.  When I initially
>searched key words: "missing wisdon teeth molar" almost all of the 45
>hits, and all of the top hits, were about missing teeth.  The wisdom
>tooth article was rated number 9 in relevance.  When I selected that
>David Steffen

Let me start by stating that I too would like boolean searches in WAIS. I'm
also sure that David Steffen is familiar with what I have to say below.

There is an easy method to force relevant articles to the top by simply 
repeating one of the query words. In the above example if the query is 
changed to: "missing wisdom wisdom wisdom wisdom wisdom teeth molar" the 
wisdom tooth article is the number 1 in relevance.

This kludge will *sometimes* help you find relevant archives.

Mike Cherry

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