information on inherited traits?

Thu Jun 25 09:46:40 EST 1992

>>  I'm looking for information about inherited traits, specifically "congenital
>>  suppression of the third molar" -- lack of wisdom teeth.
>In the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, there is the following entry:

[stuff deleted]

I too looked at OMIM (WAIS is neat!) and found a couple of other refs that
might (?) be applicable:

Schultz, AH, "Inherited reduction in the dentition of man", Human Biol.
6:627-631 (1934).

Erwin, WG, & Cockern, RW, Hered. 40:215-218 (1949).

Grahnen, H., "Hypodontia in the premanent dentition", Odont. Rev.
7 (suppl. 3):1-100 (1956).

There's also another personnal communication on the subject from Gorlin,
dated '82.  He looks like someone to search for.
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