information on inherited traits?

Larry Hunter hunter at
Thu Jun 25 11:46:26 EST 1992

Jim Mullens writes:

  I'm looking for information about inherited traits, specifically "congenital
  suppression of the third molar" -- lack of wisdom teeth.

In the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, there is the following entry:


Gruneberg (1936) described a family in which a mother and 4 of 5
children lacked some or all wisdom teeth.  The evidence for simple
dominant inheritance is meager.  Gorlin (1977) stated that in one-
third or more of most populations one or more wisdom teeth are
missing.  Mendelian inheritance is doubtful.

Gorlin, R. J.: Minneapolis: personal communication, 1977.

Gruneberg, H.: Two independent inherited tooth anomalies in one
family. J. Hered. 27: 225-228, 1936.

Hope this is of some use.


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