RAPID-ID Kits (Good or Bad?)

mrajab at hpb.hwc.ca mrajab at hpb.hwc.ca
Thu Jun 18 10:25:24 EST 1992

To interested readers:

	I'm presently establishing a database of rapid-identification kits.  
I'm wondering if anyone has anything to say about these multi-test kits.  They
are definitely useful for screening a large number of microorganisms.  However,
some of my colleagues are quite negative towards them and feel that EXTREME
caution should be exercised when using these kits.  Personally, I'm with the
semi-liberal group; I think that they can cut down on time-consuming tests and
narrow the essential biochemical tests that should be performed for an exact
identification. In short, I feel that they are a good first step to
conventional tests of identification.  What do you think?

A curious biologist

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