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>RE: US green card lottery / Hong-Kong.

>  Since many questions are been asked in my e-mail about the status of Hong-
>Kong-born people in the AA1 program (green card lottery), here is how it 
>- The fact that Great-Britain is on the list does not qualify people born in 
>  Hong-Kong. 
>- If you were born in Hong-Kong and hold a British passport, this does not 
>  qualify you, because the place of birth is what counts here, not the country 
>  of citizenship or residence. 
>- If you were born in Hong-Kong and your father is, or was a British citizen, 
>  you qualify for entering your name in the lottery.

>Why this rule? I don't know. Why the father and not the mother? I don't know. 
>These are the rules and I don't make them; I hope some of you can use them. 

>Good luck to all

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//Scince the first period of Thatcher Govt in UK there have been offially 2
tears of lBritish Citizenship - Those actually born within GB and Chan. Isles
and - The Rest.
  This was part of a measure to curb the assumed "threat" of  uncontrolled
immigration; the latter goroup dose not even have a "right" of entry into GB!

  But thes ARE allowed to pay taxes etc. which go still in part to London!

Bye for now!

citat..(Lord Kitchener..) "Be calm you people, remember you are all British


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