Enough US green card lottery

Shuang Deng shuang at cs.UAlberta.CA
Mon Jun 15 00:21:02 EST 1992

What does the US green card lottery have anything to do with
jobs in Canada (can.jobs), bionet (bionet.*) 
or contract jobs (misc.jobs.contract)?  

Shouldn't it be posted to approprite news group only?  

Am I the only one who is fed up with all those frequent irrelavent 
postings on that "dream-come-true" lottery?  

By the way, there is a "legal service" firm in California put an ad 
at the Goble and Mail to offer free information on this lottery.
They may consider you are competing unfairly with your access to 
free media and complain to your postmaster  :-)

-Shuang Deng (shuang at cs.ualberta.ca)

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