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                        VISIONS FOR A SUSTAINABLE WORLD
                      Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia
                               June 14-20, 1992 

The Student Pugwash USA Biennial Conference assembles ninety students from
around the world for a week-long conference to address the impact of science
and technology on society.  The students will join accomplished men and women
from science, government, industry, and academe for an intensive week of
discussion  and interaction focusing on the following issues:

- Environmental Challenges for Developing Countries
- Energy Options: Their Social and Environmental Impact
- Health Care in Developing Countries
- Changing Dynamics of Peace and Global Security
- Educating for the Socially Responsible Use of Technology
- Ethics and the Use of Genetic Information

We are inviting all members of the e-mail community to take part in an
online symposium discussing the topics at the conference.  Each day, a
summary of the plenary and working group discussions will be mailed out
as soon as possible following their completion.  Participants in the online
symposium are invited to send back their replies, commenting on what you
receive.  Copies will be redistributed back through electronic mail, and
printed and used at the conference.  Of course, you're welcome to sign up
for the mailings even if you won't have the time to participate.

If you are interested in participating, send e-mail to 
porten at  You will be sent more information about
Student Pugwash USA, and will receive all conference summaries.  Feel
free to subscribe anytime during the conference, or even after it's
over, as all messages will be archived and can be sent out at any time.
Please include in your message your full name; we would also appreciate
if you include your current occupation (or student affiliation), and your
city, state, and country, but this is optional.

You can also call the Student Pugwash electronic bulletin board at
215/898-2019, for more information about Student Pugwash, and to participate
in ongoing discussion about the impact of science and technology on society.
Feel free to write me, as well, if you have any specific questions. 

Student Pugwash USA is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with chapters
at 35 colleges and high schools across the country.  Sister Student/Young
Pugwash organizations exist in 20 countries on four continents.  For more
information, reply to this message at porten at

More information about the conference follows.

For each of the listed topics, student and senior participants form small
working groups in which they will meet every morning throughout the conference
week to discuss areas of mutual interest and expertise.  These intensive
discussions offer an invaluable opportunity for students to explore the
ethical and value questions posed by advances in science and technology with
forward-thinking professionals.  

Senior Participants will be present from the U.S. Congress, National
Institutes of Health, National Academy of Sciences, Carter Center, Centers
for Disease Control, Brookings Institution, Emory University, and many 
other prominent institutions.  Several special events will also be held,
including a day at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta and an
interactive, multi-media World Game Workshop.

The separate working group meetings are complemented by afternoon and evening
plenary sessions for the full conference.  Plenaries will address issues which 
cut across disciplinary boundaries such as ethical conduct in scientific
research, race and gender in science, technology and global responsibility,
and religion and science.

Student Pugwash USA is committed to representing a broad spectrum of
political,international, and disciplinary perspectives.  Previous conferences 
have attracted participants from over thirty nations.  We are striving for
even greater international, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary
representation at the 1992 conference.


Jeff Porten, Annenberg School for Communication, UPenn
             Graduate Group in American Civilization, UPenn

As per usual, my opinions are my own, not Penn's, Pugwash's, or anyone else's.

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