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Dan Davison davison at menudo.uh.edu
Sat Jun 13 22:28:23 EST 1992

In article <418.9206100831 at surr.ac.uk> bss2aj at uk.ac.surrey (Alan Jennings) writes:

   > What is the address of the UH Gene-server.  I tried
   > Gene-server at menudo.uh.edu, but got returned mail instead.  Has
   > the address changed? 

    I don`t know if its changed, but the address I have used sucessfully
   recently is:-

           gene-server at EVOLUTION.BCHS.UH.EDU

The best address to use is
        gene-server at bchs.uh.edu
        gene-server%bchs.uh.edu at CUNYVM

because if the machine evolution.bchs.uh.edu ever has problems I can
switch to another machine transparently. So, be sure to use
        gene-server at bchs.uh.edu
for e-mail and
for anonymous FTP.  Any other addresses are NOT guaranteed.

dan davison
gene-server manager
dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77204-5934/davison at uh.edu/DAVISON at UHOU

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