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Edward J. Huff huff at
Wed Jun 10 23:12:30 EST 1992

This has been posted to

A question regarding digital cameras appeared in the 11.18 issue
of the VISION-LIST digest, from Payman Khalili <pka at>.
This issue has not yet appeared on the NYU news server, and probably 
never will appear.  Also missing are 11.19 and 11.20.  News transmission
is not fully  reliable.  If the articles are small, the loss of an article 
here  and there is less catastrophic.  I replied to the question, and
learned that "The post to the vision list was completely unfruitful 
and you are the only one who has given me a positive response."
(quoted with permission).

Now maybe this was because nobody got the 11.18 issue.  But I
rather expect that it is because the readers of this list do not
do much with digital cameras.  sci.image.processing is intended
for such questions.  I plan to prod people to produce a periodic 
posting of information about camera sources.

I would repost the original question if this were an unmoderated
list, but it doesn't seem appropriate here.

Today, in news.groups, there was a discussion about INET newsgroups.
It turns out that actually, is not even a USENET
newsgroup.  It is an INET newsgroup.  So even if
were the appropriate forum for all image processing discussion,
there is no USENET group.  The distribution of INET newsgroups is
not as broad as USENET newsgroups.  (More systems off the internet
receive USENET).

I mean no disrespect to the readers or moderator of this list, and 
since I may need to ask for help one day, I hope no one takes offense.  
But please don't vote sci.image.processing down.

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