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Wed Jun 10 10:23:28 EST 1992

Phil Kahn (vision list moderator) writes:

> It is very difficult to separate vision from image 
> processing and calibration topics since they are 
> all interrelated.

> its [sci.image.processing] charter and subject matter 
> is contained within the scope of the Vision List 
> (

While it may be impossible to separate vision from image processing, it
is quite easy to separate image processing from vision.  There are many
applications for image processing and image analysis in Science that
probably go beyond the scope of the Vision List.  This often involves
extracting quantitative information out of numerical data sets that may
happen to be best represented as "images."  These topics may or may not
be appropriate for, but most certainly would be
appropriate to sci.image.processing.  

I don't think the creation of this new, un-moderated newsgroup poses
any threat to the readership of the Vision List.  Rather, the creation
of sci.image.processing can only serve to enhance communication and
advances in ALL areas related to image processing.

To cast a "yes" vote, send mail to

   mail-server at

with message

   vote sci.image.processing yes

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