Still can't connect to EMBL

Klaus Schumann [Biologie] schumann at
Wed Jun 10 05:35:17 EST 1992

>Gee I'm feeling dumb! The system here still won't send mail or allow 
>ftp to  netserv at or netserv at
>In addition, mail to omond at got intercepted by the
>local Daemon too!

>All I want to do is upload some software. Anybody have any suggestions?

>Eric Cabot
>ecec at

>    Eric Cabot                         |       "Non Nobis Nati Solum" 
>ecec at               | 

An alternative adress for uploading "EMBL" software was given on 25 May
in bionet.general by Dr. Jaime Prilusky. It is the Israel National Node of EMBL (INN).

In short form:

ftp  (
username      anonymous
password      <your e-mail adress>

directory    /pub/software

In case of problems contact lsprilus at 

Best wishes and I hope this helps

Klaus Schumann
Fachbereich Biologie
Universitaet Kaiserslautern
D-6750 Kaiserslautern

schumann at

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