Still can't connect to EMBL

Eric Cabot ecec at
Tue Jun 9 09:38:41 EST 1992

In article <9206090152.AA17489 at> danj at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU (Dan Jacobson x-8453) writes:
>The EMBL went to strictly Internet access last fall.  The address is now
>netserv at 
>Happy hunting,
>Dan Jacobson
>danj at

Gee I'm feeling dumb! The system here still won't send mail or allow 
ftp to  netserv at or netserv at
In addition, mail to omond at got intercepted by the
local Daemon too!

All I want to do is upload some software. Anybody have any suggestions?

Eric Cabot
ecec at

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